Personalised Names with Quotes To Live By


A4 Personalised Kids names with a quote to live by, created on a commission basis only.

Each piece is created bespoke on A4 watercolour paper, using fine line pen and watercolour paints, so no two pieces are the same.

When placing your order, please fill out the fields for the name of the child (please make sure that the spelling is correct), the main colour for within the name, and, if you have a quote in mind, please write that down too.

If you need any help exploring a theme and quotes related to that theme, let me know and I can assist you.

  • Height: 210 millimetres
  • Width: 297 millimetres

Option to add a black frame for £10.


Claire K started making the name commission pieces with the ambition of creating an opportunity for you to set an intention for your child or loved one in a beautiful long-lasting way. As the child grows older, the piece will evolve as the words begin to have more meaning, providing a conversation starter which will enable you to discuss the positive intention behind the piece, and have a wider conversation around mindfulness and plant seeds of self-belief, self-love or determination within them from a young age. When placing your order, please provide me with the name of the child (please make sure the spelling is correct) & the main colour for within the name. You can then either tell me the quote you would like on the piece or with the child’s personality in mind, you can provide me with a theme for me to explore possible quote options which will be sent to you for you to pick from. For example, for the Poppy piece, the theme was ‘Determination’ as Poppy had recently started walking and her parents were so proud of the fearlessness that she showed. And for William, the themes given were ‘Curiosity’ & ‘Self Belief’.

Additional information

Dimensions297 × 210 cm

Black frame for £10, No frame for Regular price

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