Claire K is a London based Artist who has developed a unique style using watercolours and fine line pens.

Her children’s names commissions, with Quotes To Live By, are created with the ambition of bringing a positive intention into the home and in turn creating opportunities for parents or guardians to have discussions with their children or loved one about a wide range of mindfulness topics, encouraging & planting a seed of self belief, self-love and determination in them. 

Claire K is also a well-established Nail Artist who has over 15 years of career success in the beauty and fashion industries, working with celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Brooke Candy, Yasmin Le Bon, Ant & Dec, Eddie Izzard and more… 

She has also collaborated with brands, publications & charities such Dior, New Look, Tatler, Crack Magazine and Movember.

Claire K creates refined hand-painted nail designs in her unique style, whilst continuing to collaborate with established brands, building on her impressive portfolio of work.

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